Boody Eco Wear Workout


Seriously needed these lunges and a kick in the Boody Wear to get back into my workout routine. This brand's sustainable workout clothes are my new soft, breathable and made from bamboo viscose (AKA no nasty synthetics necessary). If you haven't heard, most workout wear contains toxic chemicals that are not only terrible for your skin, but also can enter your bloodstream when you sweat.

I don't write about fitness often, but I love that this brand gave me an ethical reason to get sweating. To give you all some background, I've danced my whole life and started working out when I was about 16 at my dad's health clubs because I felt I was getting too skinny from dance. I learned the proper form for most workout moves from my dad and brothers, and then from the variety of fitness classes I've taken over the years. In general, I try to hit the gym 3 times per week and do a mixture of cardio, weight-lifting, and taking different classes. When I'm not near my gym, I try to think of bodyweight circuits, like I did the day I shot this look in Bushwick. Repeat the below circuit three times for a full-body workout: 

  • *Stretch (active stretching, make sure you warm up fully before moving on the the circuit) 
  • Alternating jump lunges (10 each side)
  • Straddle dance jumps (threw these in for fun - try a few each side if you've done them before and stretched fully)  
  • Sprints (100 m) 
  • Planks (hold for 1 +mins)
  • Wall Sits (hold for 1 min) 
  • *Stretch (again) 

Photography: Jamoy

Black racerback sports bra, black leggings, white tank top by Boody Wear

DSC02558 copy.jpg