Sayonara Summer


Isn’t it crazy how the very day summer ends, it’s ALREADY noticeably colder? I walked out of my apartment yesterday in my bell-bottom jeans, vintage 1960’s vest, and felt hat, immediately feeling the onslaught of the almost crisp, fall air settling over Grand St.

As I briskly paced by the creepy construction workers on my usual walk to the station – en route to my East River shoot – a strange sense of fondness cascaded over me, not for the construction workers, but for my first summer as a Williamsburg resident and as a more mature working woman. I felt not only the change in the air, but the change in myself.

I switched jobs to run the social media department of a creative agency and advance my career in branding and digital strategy, I started this blog, and now I’m launching a company with my brother (more to details to come on this very soon!). Surprisingly, my summer wasn’t incredible this year for the usual reasons like traveling, parties, shopping, etc...definitely some of this. It was memorable for the shift in my priorities.

I also finally found that feeling of being so in love with my neighborhood, I purposely get off the train sooner to walk through the liveliness of Williamsburg for longer every night after work. Regardless of the neighborhood creeps, THIS is what I felt when the construction workers yelled out their last compliment (kinda flattered??) to me on the final day of summer 2017.



Photos: Jacob Goldberg Productions

Vintage 1960’s Vest: Known to Man

Jeans: Diva’s and Devils

Hat: Free People


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