Hidden Gems


It's funny how amidst the graffiti-ridden, industrial warehouses of Bushwick and the Graham Ave delis, live some of New York's finest hidden gems. From Roberta's Pizza, to Raggedy Threads Vintage and Friends NYC, – maybe it's my intense love of 1920 speakeasys – there's simply something SO satisfying about discovering the seemingly undiscoverable.

If you're not local, or maybe you just never come to Brooklyn, here's the 411 for you (do people still say that??) on why these places are hidden and what they have in common: 


Roberta's is an extraordinary boho-chic pizzeria, hidden behind a run-down, red warehouse door, revealing dimly lit tables, tons of young people, and a sick outdoor garden and bar area. I first came here right when I moved to New York, I was a vegetarian at the time, and the pizza was out of this world! Fast forward to today (I'm now a vegan), and the pizza sans cheese was just as incredible. A quick tip for my vegan friends out there, if you order your cheeseless pizza as takeout, you can sprinkle some of your own vegan mozz on at home, stick it back in the oven, and voila, you're all set! 


Friends NYC

This one may not be obvious since it's literally smack dab in from of the Morgan Ave Station, but I've included Friends NYC for the main reason that for two whole years, I thought this was a virtual store, selling clothes only on Instagram. Then, I come to realize its physical location is literally ten minutes from my house. Cue all of the outfitless nights with nothing to wear flashing before my eyes. Today, I finally discovered the real shop, filled with beautiful curated vintage clothing, accessories, and gifts, mixed with some new inclusions. This was definitely a gift in vintage heaven that I won't be forgetting. 


Raggedy Threads

The Brooklyn location (also in Little Tokyo, LA) of this rustic vintage clothing store is literally hidden inside an old bakery, with the original street sign still up! I've walked by Ragged Threads hundreds of times on my way to the station until I realized it wasn't an actual bakery. The selection consists of predominantly white and cream colors with tons of awesome denim and authentic vintage accessories, like my brass Harley belt buckle (see the belt on my outfit from this shoot and the full story on Thrill of The Ride). They have a nice mix of men's and women's clothing, in which I shop in both departments since it's almost 2018, you know (jk, I started venturing into the menswear department since my days of fangirling over Man Repeller). If you're in the market for authentic vintage clothing in which they know the origins, come check out Raggedy Threads. 


Hopefully, this post either inspired you to explore my favorite hidden Brooklyn spots, or to venture out further into your own neighborhood. There's just something to be said for the grimy exteriors, shielding top quality restaurants, stores, and the plethora of music venus (wait for another feature for this) hidden inside. It's almost the great anomaly of our era: how do you give millennials access to something forbidden when they can now access everything? Playing off of human nature's desire for the inaccessible (or at least the illusion of it) is truly remarkable.




Roberta's Photography: @JordanaTaylor 

Location Photography: Me 

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