Sustainable Style in the Sunshine State


Sustainability when it comes to fashion gets easier and easier every year. We are no longer in the era of frumpy garments that are eco-friendly, but drab as can be. See below for my newest obsession, Bida Boutique, a minimalist sustainable fashion brand that’s designed in the USA and is ethically made in Bali. Their designs are super contemporary and made from eco-friendly fabrics like cotton, Lyocell, and TENCEL™. They also follow ethical labor practices which means you’re supporting workers that are paid fairly and under safe conditions.

Photography: By my talented Mom @lkfphotography

Styling: My Nana Enid Goldsmith & Mom

Dress: Bida Boutique sustainable ‘Flux’ dress

Shoes: Nana’s vintage Monolo Blahniks

Purse: Vintage white faux snakeskin

Jewelry: Variety of silver bangles and earrings borrowed from Nana