Take a Walk on the Williamsburg Side 


I feel like I sound like a broken record about my neighborhood, but here goes it. I LOVE Williamsburg for numerous reasons, one of them being, it shows you who your friends are. It's absolutely sad and hilarious that I have so many friends in Manhattan that literally won't cross the bridge to hangout in my area. This is why I was THRILLED when Cara (@cara_duffy), a close friend from my previous job, moved to the area!! 

Finally, I have a friend to accompany me on random vintage shopping expeditions, coffee shop breaks, and of course, Williamsburg's finest brunches. This trip, we met up at Woops Bakery to catch up on our busy lives, over coffee (with hemp milk and vegan muffins). After coffee, we shopped a little along Bedford, and went to brunch at Sunday in Brooklyn. Although the wait was extremely chaotic – pretty standard in this area – the interior decor was stunning and the food just as wonderful (and vegan-friendly!). 

For my Saturday brunch look, I threw on my new (well-sorta) vintage Wrangler jeans that I got at Known to Man – my favorite curated vintage store in the area. This was the FIRST time I found vintage denim that actually fits me like a glove and I even found a second pair. What a lucky day!! I paired the jeans with a vintage, black knit halter top that I got at Amcord Vintage, I actually got this for New Year's Eve and forgot about it. I finished off the look with Jeffrey Campbell pumps from high school (lol) and a vegan leather Zara jacket. 

Photography: @Jamoy


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