Home for the Holidays


For the second time as a New York resident, I got to leave the frigid city conditions for Winter Park, ironically in Central Florida (where my Mom lives). Minus the occasional family bickering (on account of being together WAY more than we're used to), we shut ourselves off from our busy daily routines and celebrated with an incredible dinner, gifts, and the neighborhood holiday party. Although the picturesque holiday decor didn't include snow, it did include the beautiful annual Christmas tree, floating in the center of our neighborhood lake. 

My trip wasn't over just yet, I zipped down to South Florida to spend the remainder of my trip in my original hometown with my Dad's family – the typical divorced parents narrative. I learned, yet again, to always bring a disguise when going to the mall, to avoid any dreaded high-school run-ins, and the occasional middle school one (even worse). 

Want to know my favorite part of going home? Getting to hang out with best friend, my 94-year old Nana who understands me like none other. Another highlight was laying out by the beautiful intercoastal waterway, accompanied by W magazine and the beating hot rays. Finally, I enjoyed yet another lovely holiday meal, this time to celebrate a belated Hanukkah filled with homemade latkas, and more family and friends. 

Black Slacks: Versona

Red Hat: NY Street Vendor 

Patterned Top: Gift from Thailand 


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