Reebok: Cotton & Corn Kicks


How can you kick back and relax when your sneakers are killing the very Earth you traverse? According to an MIT study on the carbon footprint of shoes, one pair of typical rubber sneakers is equivalent to 30 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. This is the equivalent of leaving a 100-watt lightbulb on for a whole week. 

This is why I'm excited to own Reebok’s first sustainable sneaker, an alternative to synthetic rubber shoes which kill our ecosystem. These sustainable kicks are made from cotton and corn which Reebok Classics designed to be SO comfy (this is so rare with vegan shoes!!). The upper is 100% cotton and the sole is bio-based TPU from corn. It's 75% USDA organic, and undyed – aka the fewer steps in the production process, the smaller the carbon footprint. Oh and they’re obviously classically beautiful. Shop these unisex sneaks by clicking the image below. 

“It didn’t start out with corn and cotton, it started out with recycling, compostability, where do we want to land. Our issue with recycling is you recycle plastic, it’s still plastic…You’re not getting rid of the problem." -Bill McInnis, Reebok

Photography: @vtimeflies 

Shoes: Reebok

Top and jeans: Sugarhigh


Slow Fashion Feature: Jessica Redditt Designs


As a child, I was taught by my lovely parents to not litter, to be kind to animals, to put my bottles in the recycling bin, to donate my old clothes to Goodwill. I’ve learned so much more since I was young about the true effects of how fashion waste is polluting our planet, rapidly deteriorating the Earth. One of the most impactful changes I’ve made since educating myself on pollution, is to dedicate myself to slow fashion.

What is slow fashion, you ask? It’s the sustainable fashion/textile movement created to offer an ethical, eco-friendly, alternative to fast-fashion. The harmful environmental and socioeconomic impacts of mass-produced clothing depletes our natural resources, releases harmful pesticides and chemicals into the Earth, and encourages the mistreatment of low-paid workers (mostly women). This is all at the expense of a small price tag, and a quick thrill for a hot new IG pic.

To put things in perspective, in less than 20 years, the volume of clothing Americans threw out each year more than doubled, from 7 million tons to 14 million tons! I don’t know about you, but vintage and sustainably sourced fashion is FAR too cute to pass up for fast fashion.

I’ve been so much happier discovering new eco-fashion brands, many with kick-ass female CEOs, that support what I believe in. When I came across Jessica Redditt Designs, I had to reach out to learn more about her business. Her stunning organic cotton kimonos (like the one I’m wearing in these pics), t-shirts, dresses, and accessories are all made with natural textiles in Vancouver. This maxi-length kimono duster robe was PERFECT for my vacation in Tulum last week. It’s super soft, and so cute over a bathing suit or full outfit, if tied in the back.

All of Jessica’s prints and colors and hand-dyed naturally from a dye garden that she cultivates herself. She plans on creating revamped kimonos from recycled silk ones of the past – I can’t wait for this! If you love this kimono and want to support a strong female designer who loves the environment, click THIS link to support her Kickstarter campaign.

Kimono: Jessica Reddit Designs

Hat: Brooklyn Flee


Take a Walk on the Williamsburg Side 


I feel like I sound like a broken record about my neighborhood, but here goes it. I LOVE Williamsburg for numerous reasons, one of them being, it shows you who your friends are. It's absolutely sad and hilarious that I have so many friends in Manhattan that literally won't cross the bridge to hangout in my area. This is why I was THRILLED when Cara (@cara_duffy), a close friend from my previous job, moved to the area!! 

Finally, I have a friend to accompany me on random vintage shopping expeditions, coffee shop breaks, and of course, Williamsburg's finest brunches. This trip, we met up at Woops Bakery to catch up on our busy lives, over coffee (with hemp milk and vegan muffins). After coffee, we shopped a little along Bedford, and went to brunch at Sunday in Brooklyn. Although the wait was extremely chaotic – pretty standard in this area – the interior decor was stunning and the food just as wonderful (and vegan-friendly!). 

For my Saturday brunch look, I threw on my new (well-sorta) vintage Wrangler jeans that I got at Known to Man – my favorite curated vintage store in the area. This was the FIRST time I found vintage denim that actually fits me like a glove and I even found a second pair. What a lucky day!! I paired the jeans with a vintage, black knit halter top that I got at Amcord Vintage, I actually got this for New Year's Eve and forgot about it. I finished off the look with Jeffrey Campbell pumps from high school (lol) and a vegan leather Zara jacket. 

Photography: @Jamoy


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Cold Weather Vintage Glam


Have you ever been so cold your hand literally freezes in one position? This unfortunate event happened to me last week, when a few friends and I bravely ventured out for happy hour at La Esquina in the city (pictured above). This trendy tequila bar and Mexican restaurant in Soho looks kind of like a speakeasy, opening up into an industrial-style bar hidden underneath this taco-joint. I highly recommend it for drinks and dinner – I suggest getting the Pepino Diablo aka the spicy margarita with cucumber (which I always ask for with no simple syrup aka healthier and tastes better). 

The top I chose for this winter glam look was a red, vintage D&G sweater which my Nana so sweetly passed down to me the weekend prior. To give myself a little more shape, I crossed the two pieces in the front and pinned them on my sides. This is the best way to revamp a vintage sweater for a more modern look! To complete the look, I donned an Hermes belt, another vintage treasure I keep in my wardrobe, with black jeans, black vegan boots (under $100!!) & accessories – shop below. Questions on how to find rad vintage and vegan pieces to add to your wardrobe? Contact me or comment below! 


  • Photography: @davidl2333
  • Top: D&G (vintage) 
  • Jeans: Zara
  • Belt: Hermes (vintage) 
  • Gloves: Vintage leather from my Mom 
  • Scarf: H&M 
  • Boots: Missguided

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