Thrill of the Ride


After walking back home from my usual Saturday morning workout class – I would actually call it more like hobbling – I passed by the most discrete and intriguing vintage store I’ve ever seen. It’s called Raggedy Threads, situated in an old bakery (old signage never removed), resembling a speakeasy, minus the alcohol (sadly). BUT, my mysterious new vintage find completely made up for it.

I immediately spotted the most incredible brass biker belt buckle...holy alliteration!!... in the shape of Harley wings and snagged it. After taking it home and scrubbing the tarnish off with my homemade potion, the words “motor” “cycles” and the initials “BF,” inscribed on the back, came into focus.



After doing some research, I discovered that the buckle most likely came from the 1940’s and was part of a company who sold them to different bike manufacturers who would then add their company name between “Motor” and Cycles.” Looks like I ended up with the all-encompassing buckle, one with no name but some mysterious initials to make up for it.

I also realized that I needed the actual belt to go with it, so I popped into my local shoemaker and asked him if he sold used leather belts – I told him I’ll only buy vintage leather since I’m a vegan. I don’t know if the old Greek man had a soft spot for me since his name was also Alex, or what, but he sold me his only used belt. He handed me HIS personal belt that he told me he’s had for 20 years and even custom fit it to me.


To complete the look with some updated pieces, I had a beautiful Laura Siegel tunic I’ve been dying to wear, and paired it with distressed denim shorts and over-the-knee, open toed booties. And there you have it, I was ready to RIDE through a fun Saturday in Brooklyn spent checking out local bikes at  and drinking some wine with friends.

Photography: J Goldberg Productions & Jeff Malo

Top: Laura Siegel 

Boots: Guess 


From Wading to Waiting


It’s crazy to think that less than a week ago, I was wading through the calm Jupiter inlet water, paddleboarding with the family, escaping from a Labor Day bbq to shoot by the shore. Now, Hurricane Irma is headed straight towards my Jupiter oasis while I wait in nervous anticipation, hoping my friends and family will be safe. 



It’s times like these when I’m filled with sadness for the terrible effects that global warming is having on our environment...From Hurricane Harvey, to Irma, the most powerful Hurricane on record in the Atlantic, the effects are fatal. Due to Global Warming, the sudden heat trapped in the atmosphere from the burning of coal, oil and gas has warmed the atmosphere to record levels.

This has caused sea levels to rise due to the melting polar ice caps (every time I say this, I can’t help but think of the poor polar bears), directly accelerating hurricane storm surges. Enlighten yourself further by reading THIS recent article by the Washington Post.  

How far must this go until people start admitting that we’ve done this to ourselves? It’s devastating to think that a specific world leader is regressing clean energy initiatives set forth by the Obama administration.

I’m a huge believer that greenhouse gas emissions will lead to our ultimate destruction until we take action now. In a time when the EPA chief doesn’t believe carbon dioxide emissions lead to climate change, it’s a scary reality that we are facing now more than ever before.  

As I look back on wading through the calm Jupiter last week, I pray that serenity will return to the ocean and to those who have been and will be affected by the recent storms wreaking havoc on our planet.


Photography: @olenasphotography

Top: LF

Shorts: Vibrant MIU

Sandels: Miz Mooz 



Welcome to the Concrete Jungle


Welcomeee to the jungleeee! I dare you try to read that again without singing the song in your head. YEAH you know which one I’m talking about. For me, when I hear this song (or literally read the title) I’m immediately transported back to high school dance team. Despite my being 23 years old (I promise I wasn’t alive in the 80’s), this was the song that was blasted from the stadium bleachers EVERY single time our team scored a touchdown. Then would commence our victory sideline dance which hadn’t been changed in 20 years and included a whole lot of awkward hip slaps and pivot turns. But you know what, it was OK because we were winning!  

The reason I bring this story up isn’t that this shoot was literally inspired by the only green area in the concrete jungle of NYC, but because of what that this shoot reminded me of, feeling on top of the damn world. A feeling like this can only come from one thing, confidence. Although growing up a dancer was hard at times – physically and mentally – if there’s one thing it taught me, it was to be confident. When you’re performing on a weekly basis, you learn to thrive off of the energy of stepping out of your comfort zone, especially what that included a killer costume.

Like everyone, I have my moments of insecurity, but sometimes all you need is a fantastic outfit to renew your confidence and you’re ready to GO. I swear, I slipped on this kimono and I was ready to conquer the Iron Throne (or at least climb a forbidden water tower). 

Photography: J Goldberg Productions


Vintage Vantage


When I discovered my love of vintage clothing I was a budding college student, lusting over the eclectic, almost majestic vintage looks I was seeing in the pages of W and Vogue. So I hit the “coolest” vintage shops I could find in Florida, and let’s just say I emerged more than a little disappointed. When you think of Florida, your mind doesn’t exactly jump to fashion, more like your Grandma’s retirement home and that one Spring Break you spent in the keys.

It only took me three years to finally discover the gem of a vintage shop in a field of Lily-infested sadness. I became obsessed with this one shop in Winter Park, Florida called Avalon Exchange which ultimately led me to the HEAVEN that is vintage shopping here in New York (especially in Brooklyn)! Let’s just say I certainly found my place in the city. Among my favorite stores include Known to Man, Beacon’s Closet (on 13th), Buffalo Exchange (on occasion), and 10 ft. Single by Stella Dallas.

The below outfit consists of vintage ‘90’ flared stretch pants (AKA the most comfortable item ever) plus a Topshop crop - because mixing the old with the new is the best way to update a look. I paired it with my low, chunky, nude sandals, and simple silver jewelry.

Leave a comment if you have any other favorite vintage stores I missed in this post!