Vintage Vantage


When I discovered my love of vintage clothing I was a budding college student, lusting over the eclectic, almost majestic vintage looks I was seeing in the pages of W and Vogue. So I hit the “coolest” vintage shops I could find in Florida, and let’s just say I emerged more than a little disappointed. When you think of Florida, your mind doesn’t exactly jump to fashion, more like your Grandma’s retirement home and that one Spring Break you spent in the keys.

It only took me three years to finally discover the gem of a vintage shop in a field of Lily-infested sadness. I became obsessed with this one shop in Winter Park, Florida called Avalon Exchange which ultimately led me to the HEAVEN that is vintage shopping here in New York (especially in Brooklyn)! Let’s just say I certainly found my place in the city. Among my favorite stores include Known to Man, Beacon’s Closet (on 13th), Buffalo Exchange (on occasion), and 10 ft. Single by Stella Dallas.

The below outfit consists of vintage ‘90’ flared stretch pants (AKA the most comfortable item ever) plus a Topshop crop - because mixing the old with the new is the best way to update a look. I paired it with my low, chunky, nude sandals, and simple silver jewelry.

Leave a comment if you have any other favorite vintage stores I missed in this post!


Summertime Chic


Don't let the straight face fool you, summertime in the city is my favorite. I love warm weather looks, especially when they include an Aritzia crop and essential white skirt (AKA the best go-to ever!) I'm sure you've all been noticing the massive off the shoulder trend that's being revived this season. I've always been a huge fan of the look, from the elongating effect it has on your neckline, to the girly cap sleeve. I complimented this summer look with my Nana's authentic 1960's floral embroidered choker. I remember trying this on as a little girl and laughing at how silly it looked. Now I couldn't be more thankful to my Nana for passing this on to me! Shop my entire look below.