Sustainable Style in the Sunshine State


Sustainability when it comes to fashion gets easier and easier every year. We are no longer in the era of frumpy garments that are eco-friendly, but drab as can be. See below for my newest obsession, Bida Boutique, a minimalist sustainable fashion brand that’s designed in the USA and is ethically made in Bali. Their designs are super contemporary and made from eco-friendly fabrics like cotton, Lyocell, and TENCEL™. They also follow ethical labor practices which means you’re supporting workers that are paid fairly and under safe conditions.

Photography: By my talented Mom @lkfphotography

Styling: My Nana Enid Goldsmith & Mom

Dress: Bida Boutique sustainable ‘Flux’ dress

Shoes: Nana’s vintage Monolo Blahniks

Purse: Vintage white faux snakeskin

Jewelry: Variety of silver bangles and earrings borrowed from Nana


Getting Lost in the Bermuda Triangle


I frequently find myself wishing I had paid more attention in middle school geography class. Particularly when I found out Bermuda is only a little bit over an hour flight from NYC!! This would have SAVED me during the miserable winter months, missing my tropical Florida hometown. Well, it’s never too late to travel to Bermuda with some of your best girlfriends, which is what I did. Here are my top travel takeaways from my recent Bermuda vacation.



The currency has almost the same exchange rate as the USD so no need to exchange money. Also speaking of $$ this country is very expensive, don’t expect to spend less than $20 on any meal.

Keep cash on your for the taxis – most don’t take cards. There is a version of Uber in Bermuda called Hitch which works ok but is pretty glitchy.


You will spend all your time at the beach – the vibes are incredible, and the ocean is paradise. They say there are tons of pink sand beaches in Bermuda, but we barely found one. The sand has a slight tint to it, but it’s not like I saw in some photos. Here are the ones I recommend visiting.

DSC_0668 copy.jpg
  1. Horseshoe Bay Beach – we went here during the week and it was beautiful! It’s a public beach, so just be careful with your things when you’re swimming. Make sure you walk towards the rocks and explore the winding caves.

  2. Warwick Long Bay– another beautiful, slightly pink beach, perhaps quieter than the above on the weekend.

  3. Church Bay – an incredible secluded beach that is a snorkeler’s paradise. There is a reef close to the shore and you’ll see huge rainbow fish!

  4. Cooper’s Island – this beach is extremely secluded, and on the Northern end of the island near the airport. It’s a former US military base, then a former NASA headquarters which has since been closed. You’ll see the old research buildings that are closed down (it’s kinda creepy but super interesting at the same time). The water at the beach here was soo calm and relaxing when I went!


Most everything to do here is centralized around resort hotels. You’ll see that everyone in town knows tons about the hotels and what there is to do at them. Most people are even employed by the resorts. Here’s a breakdown of where to stay based on what you’re looking for.

  1. The Hamilton Princess Bermuda – This is the top of the line hotel and beach resort on the island – they are separate but provide transportation between both. Their beach resort is phenomenal and has an incredible Saturday night BBQ you can sign up for. My friends and I also went to the Happy Hour on Friday night at the main hotel (in Hamilton) and it was SO much fun. The live music was amazing! Note, this is owned by Fairmont but a nicer version of the below.

  1. The Southampton Fairmont – the have an awesome shuttle that takes you to the beach from the hotel. The lodging is closer to the beach from the above, but not as upscale.

  2. The Reefs – This hotel has the most incredible cliff-top views with infiniti pools and a nice beach resort below. The breakfast was phenomenal and the pool is right next to the restaurant overlooking the ocean.

  3. The Loren at Pink Beach – I don’t know much about this hotel but it is far north on the island and the views are incredible. We went to dinner here at ‘The Pink Beach Club’ at sunset and it was absolutely sublime!!

  4. Airbnb – If you decide to stay in an Air B&B, you can still visit hotels for meals/bbqs/happy hours, and discretely use their beach resorts if you buy something at the bar/restaurant. Just don’t make it too obvious that you’re not staying there and it’s completely fine. Note that they are very expensive for what you get here, so it may be worth splurging on a hotel depending on your budget.

Anymore suggestions on where to go and what to do in Bermuda? Comment below!


Source: GettingLostInTheBermudaTriangle